CPA Services for LOADPlus –

Freight Management Systems Inc. offers accounting services through our endorsed LOADPlus CPA to help with all your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll needs. Our CPA specializes in small to medium sized transportation companies and knows LOADPlus as the base accounting package.  She is an IRS Enrolled Agent who’s credentials are recognized across all 50 states.  She will be available to provide our customers with tax services hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annually.

Email us at or call us at 954-252-0031 ext. 6 to setup your consultation.

Branch/Office Support

Freight Managements Systems can bring offices across the country together through our integrated software solutions. FMS makes it easy to  bring all of your file movements, EDI, and business systems online. Contact us for more details!

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, enables the computer system from one company to “talk” to the computer system of another company and digitally exchange data. EDI educes or eliminates manual data entry errors, Streamlines transaction processing, and increases productivity.

Logistics Consulting

Contact us for customized solutions to fit your company’s needs!

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